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Playing together and learning to share are just a few of the activities that prepare the children for important facets of life, but it sometimes takes children considerable time to do these things successfully.  Through various educational materials children have the opportunity to explore and discover the world around them.  In our toddler classrooms, each teacher and assistant is available to assist the children through these critical social development processes in a variety of ways.  For example, children are encouraged to share with others at the varying learning centers in the classroom. Adequate time is allowed for opportunities to present itself for children to practice these important life long skills.

Circle Time

Circle time is a time for children to gather together to share their feelings and ideas about anything that is significant to them.  By showing children that their opinions count, encouraging them to safely express feelings and make real choices we allow for their self-esteem to be enhanced.  It’s also a time where the teacher might review concepts such as numbers and letters, calendar, time, and weather or to introduce new words, songs and stories.


The Toddler rooms are equipped with a radio and a variety of music.  Music is used in the classroom to relax, energize, comfort, build a sense of community and to celebrate or mark special occasions.  Children enjoy gathering together to learn new songs, sing old favourites, and play age appropriate instruments, music games, dance, perform finger plays and use colorful puppets.  These exercises also enhance the learning environment.  Listening to music in the classroom helps students be more productive and fosters the “joy of learning”.  Through song and dance and freedom of choice, the toddlers have access to a variety of large muscle activities that offer them opportunities to jump, climb, balance, crawl or skip.  Children will learn to appreciate a variety of music, its significance to different people, and will increase their language and math development.

The most important period of life is not the age of university studies, but the period from birth to age six, for that is the time when man’s intelligence itself is being formed. At no other age has the child a greater need of intelligent help, and any obstacle that impedes his creative work will lessen his chance of achieving perfection

Constructive and Manipulative Play

Toddlers are provided with a variety of materials that are open-ended to encourage children to explore their creativity, further develop their fine motor skills, language, communication and social skills, decision making and negotiation skills, and fine/large motor skills among a group.

Dramatic Play

The Dramatic Centre is an area that is used to teach subjects and to develop personal skills, as well as a play area where children are given an opportunity explore their unlimited imaginations.  By being doctors, nurses, teachers, police, firefighters, etc. children learn in a fun and interactive way about the world and people around them.

Montessori Centre

When children move to the Senior Toddler Classroom, the following areas of learning in the Montessori environment are introduced. These learning areas are designed to further encourage independence, concentration, coordination, and exploration.  The Montessori materials found in the Toddler classroom serve as a basic introduction to the Montessori program being offered at Cozy Time and are age specific to this age group.

Practical Life

These exercises are simple but critical to toddler development.  Here children learn to develop gross and fine motor skills, children learn about caring for themselves and their environment, and explore the simple concepts of grace and courtesy through exercises such as spooning, pouring, sorting, dressing, sweeping, hand washing, greeting, basic manners and table setting.


Toddlers learn about the world around them through active use of the five senses. Sensorial and manipulative activities include cause and effect, water and sand, bead stringing, puzzles, and matching by shape, size, color and texture.  These exercises are tremendously attractive to a toddler whether enjoyed individually or in small groups.  They also create the opportunities creativity and imagination that are essential to their development.  This area helps develop decision making skills, social skills, language skills and independence i.e.: puzzles enhance children’s logic skills in making proper decisions and accomplish goals.


We provide daily written charts and verbal communication to keep you informed about every part of your child’s day (i.e. diapering, toileting, napping and feeding).  Each child will be assigned a number that they will keep until they transition to the Toddler room. As parents pick up their child at the end of the day, they are to review their child’s number on the daily chart to receive more information regarding their child day. Teachers will also let parents know if we are running out of wipes, diapers or diaper cream.

Daily breakfast, hot lunch and afternoon snack will be provided.

Naps are provided for two hours daily.  A rest period is required for a least one hour.  If your child is not napping after one hour, they will be provided with quiet activities.

Toilet Training

As your child enters the Senior Toddler Room they will also start the process of toilet training if they are displaying signs of readiness.

The following Toilet Training Policy will be given to parents to review and sign to ensure that the teachers and the parents are in agreement and consistent methods will be used used in the classroom as well as in the home to optimize success in the process.

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