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Our Infant Program

Introduction to Cozytime Child Care

Welcome to Cozytime Child Care, your premier destination for the Best Licensed Montessori Daycare Centre in Toronto. Our mission is to provide a nurturing, safe, and educational environment where your children can grow, learn, and embrace their full potential. With a focus on individual needs and a curriculum rich in creativity and developmental activities, we pride ourselves on setting a strong foundation for both academic and social growth.

Our Infant Program

Starting from the tender age of 6 months up to 18 months, our Infant Program is designed to cater to the youngest members of the Cozytime family. Recognizing the crucial developmental milestones that occur in these early stages, our program focuses on nurturing these developments through a Montessori lens. Parents often marvel at the personalized care and attention each child receives, ensuring a smooth transition into the world of learning and social interaction.

Pre Casa Program: Bridging the Gap

Introduction to Early Learning

For children aged 18 to 30 months, our Pre Casa Program serves as a bridge between infancy and the Casa Montessori Program. This pivotal stage is where we introduce important life skills, socialization, and participation in a variety of Montessori activities. It’s a period of discovery, where we lay the groundwork for a love of learning that will follow them through their academic journey.

Fostering Independence

Our aim is to foster a sense of independence, allowing each child to explore their environment safely and confidently. The results speak for themselves, with parents often noting significant advancements in their child’s ability to communicate, collaborate, and navigate their surroundings with a newfound sense of independence.

The Casa Montessori Program

Spanning ages 30 months to 6 years, our Casa Montessori Program emphasizes respect for individual learning styles and fosters close-knit relationships between teachers and students. This program stands as the cornerstone of our educational offerings, blending academic preparation with personal growth in a care-centric environment. We celebrate each child’s uniqueness, catering to their specific ways of learning through a diverse curriculum that includes sensory experiences, music, dramatic play, and practical life lessons.

The Integral Role of Creative Arts

At Cozytime Child Care, we recognize the transformative power of creative arts in early childhood development. Whether it’s through painting, music, or dramatic performances, the arts play a crucial role in helping children express themselves, understand their emotions, and develop critical thinking skills. Our educators are adept at integrating arts into daily activities, ensuring that every child has the opportunity to discover their artistic and creative potential.

Why Choose Cozytime Child Care?

Building a Foundation for Future Success

Choosing the Best Licensed Montessori Daycare Centre for your child is a decision that can shape their future. At Cozytime Child Care, we are committed to not just meeting, but exceeding educational standards, providing a supportive and stimulating environment where children thrive. Our programs are designed to cater to different developmental stages, ensuring a holistic approach to each child’s growth.

A Community of Caring Professionals

Our team of dedicated educators and staff are the heart of Cozytime Child Care. With years of experience and a passion for early childhood education, they create a warm, inviting atmosphere where children feel valued and understood. Testimonials from satisfied parents attest to our team’s professionalism, the exceptional care provided, and the positive impact on their children’s development.

Join the Cozytime Family

For families in Toronto seeking a nurturing, educational, and safe environment for their children, Cozytime Child Care stands as a beacon of excellence in Montessori daycare services. We invite you to explore the difference that a caring, inclusive, and developmental approach can make in your child’s early years. Reach out to us to learn more about our programs, schedule a tour, and discover how we can support your child’s journey towards a bright and successful future.


In conclusion, the journey of selecting the Best Licensed Montessori Daycare Centre is pivotal in shaping your child’s future. At Cozytime Child Care, we understand the enormity of this decision and strive to offer an educational haven that fosters growth, curiosity, and lifelong learning. With a blend of Montessori principles, creative arts, and a focus on individual development, we are dedicated to making the early years of learning engaging, enriching, and fruitful. Welcome to Cozytime Child Care, where your child’s educational journey begins with us.

The Integral Role of Creative Arts

What is the best age to start Montessori daycare?

At Cozytime Child Care, we often say that a child’s journey in Montessori education can begin as early as six months. This is when they start exhibiting a keen interest in exploring their environment through their senses. However, it’s important to recognize that every child is unique, and the “best age” can vary depending on individual development and readiness. Our Infant Program is tailored to welcome children from 6 to 18 months, focusing on nurturing their early developmental milestones in a Montessori setting. Starting Montessori education at this age can offer them a strong foundation for lifelong learning and personal growth. Have you noticed your child showing an interest in simple puzzles or books? It might be the perfect time to start.

What is the most expensive Montessori school?

The cost of Montessori education can vary widely depending on location, facilities, and the level of individual attention each child receives. Some of the most prestigious Montessori institutions, often found in metropolitan areas, can command higher tuition fees due to their comprehensive programs, state-of-the-art facilities, and highly trained staff. It’s essential to focus not just on the cost, but on the value and quality of education your child will receive. At Cozytime Child Care, while we strive to maintain an accessible tuition, our emphasis is on providing a premium Montessori education that prepares children for future success, both academically and socially.

How do you tell if a school is a real Montessori school?

Identifying a genuine Montessori school involves looking for several key indicators. Accreditation by recognized Montessori organizations, such as the American Montessori Society (AMS) or the Association Montessori Internationale (AMI), signifies adherence to core Montessori principles. Furthermore, authentic Montessori environments are characterized by mixed-age classrooms, a wide range of Montessori materials, and teachers trained in Montessori education. At Cozytime Child Care, we pride ourselves on these aspects, ensuring our programs and staff meet the highest standards of Montessori education. When visiting potential schools, ask about their accreditation, curriculum, and teacher qualifications to gauge their alignment with authentic Montessori methods.

Is Montessori daycare good?

Absolutely! Montessori daycare offers a unique approach to early childhood education, emphasizing individual learning, independence, and the development of practical life skills. Children in Montessori settings are often observed to be more self-disciplined, have better social and academic skills, and demonstrate higher levels of creativity and problem-solving abilities. At Cozytime Child Care, we’ve witnessed firsthand the positive impact our Montessori programs have on children’s growth and development. By fostering a love for learning and respecting each child’s individual pace, we prepare them not just for school, but for life. Have you noticed your child thriving in environments where they are encouraged to explore and learn at their own pace?

What role do creative arts play in Montessori education?

In Montessori education, creative arts are not just supplementary activities; they are fundamental to a child’s development. Through painting, music, drama, and other forms of expression, children refine their motor skills, enhance their cognitive abilities, and explore their emotions and creativity. At Cozytime Child Care, we integrate creative arts into our daily activities, ensuring every child has the opportunity to discover and express their unique artistic potential. This holistic approach to learning recognizes the importance of nurturing not only academic prowess but also emotional intelligence and creativity. How do your children express themselves creatively at home?

Why should parents choose Cozytime Child Care over other daycare options?

Choosing the right daycare for your child is crucial, and at Cozytime Child Care, we understand the importance of this decision. Our commitment to providing a nurturing, educational, and safe environment sets us apart. Our licensed Montessori programs, experienced educators, and inclusive community support each child’s individual journey towards academic and social success. Moreover, our emphasis on creative arts and respect for each child’s pace of learning ensures a well-rounded early education experience. When parents choose Cozytime, they’re not just selecting a daycare; they’re joining a family committed to their child’s best start in life. Have you considered what aspects of a daycare are most important for your child’s growth and development?


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