Cozy Time Montessori

Cozy Time Montessori Based Childcare in Woodbridge

At Cozy Time in Woodbridge, we’re passionate about childcare and early learning. This is because we know that a positive daycare and early learning experience, can have a profoundly beneficial effect on the future health, emotional wellbeing, and academic development of children and young people.


Cozy Time Montessori Based Daycare & Holistic Early Learning

Unlike other daycare centers and kindergartens in Woodbridge, we don’t provide groups of children with a regimented play, rest, and naptime schedule. Instead, we supervise and attend to the individual needs of every child in our care on a case by case basis.

When in the care of our Woodbridge Cozy Time Academy, your child will benefit from a curriculum and early learning environment which is designed from the start to encourage healthier cognitive, social, emotional, and physical development. Even better, because we teach children through imaginative play exercises, our childcare center and professionals will help your child to learn to love learning.


Our Childcare Programs in Woodbridge

The Montessori early learning and cognitive development methods which we employ at Cozy Time are suitable for infants, junior toddlers, and senior toddlers. Moreover, in every case, we focus on inspiring children to communicate, play, and learn, via a broad range of activities incorporating group play, conversation exercises, and music.


Diet & Nutrition at our Cozy Time Daycare Center

As many parents will no doubt be aware, diet and nutrition play a key role in early childhood. This is why at our Cozy Time Montessori Daycare Center in Woodbridge, we provide all children in our care with high-quality breakfasts, lunches, and afternoon snacks.


Guided & Licensed by the Ontario Ministry of Education

Just like with regular daycare and early learning centers, the curriculum at Cozy Time in Woodbridge is governed by the Ontario Ministry of Education. The key difference at Cozy Time, however, is that we always strive to surpass these guidelines. This being the case, if you are looking for a genuinely first-rate daycare facility for your child, make sure to enquire further today.


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