Casa Program

Teacher/child ratio is 1:5


Our Curriculum at Cozy Time begins with a deep respect for children as unique individuals. Our Casa classes bring children together in multi aged groups, rather than classes comprised of just one age group. This allows the teachers to develop close and long term relationships with their students while also learning each child’s learning style.


Cozy Time’s classes are not run by teacher’s alone. Students are taught to manage their own community and develop leadership skills and independence. The Montessori approach to education is consciously designed to recognize and address different learning styles, helping students learn to study most effectively. Students progress as they master new skills, moving ahead as quickly as they are ready. Our students also learn through hands on experience and investigation as they become actively engaged in their studies through varying natural environments.


At Cozy Time students also learn not to be afraid of making mistakes; they come to see their mistakes as natural steps in the learning process. We are dedicated in providing each child an education for life: When your child is ready to transition from preschool to elementary school it is our goal to have instilled a love of learning, to develop a well-rounded, excellently socialized individual with a rational, inquisitive, well-organized mind.






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Cozy Time Montessori Academy’s philosophy incorporates our program mission statement through the implementation of the educational philosophy and academic approach of Dr. Maria Montessori. Each child is recognized as an individual, with varying abilities, needs and interests.


cozy testimonialMy kids has been greatly cared by the excellent work from Cozytime, you won’t be disappointed.
Jane Tornz — Toronto, Canada


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