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Early Childhood Education Surrey

Early Childhood Education Surrey

Early childhood education Surrey

The beautiful city of Surrey has evolved a lot over the years since it was named by HJ Brewer (English man who lived in Surrey, England). Surrey is currently the provinces second largest population after Vancouver. The city has seen rapid growth since the 1990’s. That is why CEFA is so important for early childhood education in Surrey.

Currently, we have three schools in the City, namely in Fleetwood, Guildford, and South Surrey-Panorama. Our first school was created in 1998 as there was an absence in early childhood education (1-5years). The norm at that time was day-care centers who offered very little to the growing minds other than playtime.

Why should you focus on early childhood education

In the 1990’s there was no other institution that offered the insight and curriculum that we at CEFA Early Learning had developed. Canada’s provincial and federal government knows the importance of early education. It is at this crucial time when a child is 1-5 years where the brain does its initial developments, and this will greatly affect the rest of their lives.

What happens at a CEFA school

Our curriculum is focused on giving and providing the essential guidance that a child’s brain requires to develop. Our typical early childhood education and kindergarten programs are far more advanced than the regular day-care or child care programs that Canada is used to. We want the children to discover and challenge themselves reaching out towards their potential and what they can achieve. We expose them to a variety of activities and subjects like physical education, dramatic arts, reading, writing, music, STEM, visual and dramatic arts and culture immersion.

Our teachers play multiple roles in the learning process. One of which is when they provide the activities for the kids and also when they closely monitor and observes the child’s activities and documents them, at the end of the day letting the child take the lead and initiative. One of our goals is to let the kids obtain a habit of learning that they will carry with them for the rest of their lives.

Our core values

At CEFA we have five strong core values that become our mantra as we live our lives.

1. Make a difference
2. Inspire
3. Lead
4. Respect
5. Self-improvement

At the moment we are the largest public school District in British Canada. The numbers keep on growing and we can't do this alone we need your help. We are always looking for people who stand with us sharing these morals. If you think you would like to join our team as an educator or a franchise get in contact with us. We care about our community and the early childhood education in Surrey.

Our schools rely on ordinary people who want the extraordinary for their children to be the best and prosper for years to come. It is up to us nurture and develop our young brains so that one day they can lead.

Early Childhood Education Surrey
Early Childhood Education Surrey
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Early Childhood Education Surrey