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Professional Elearning Development Company

Professional Elearning Development Company

A professional eLearning Development company in the modern age must account for everyone in your organization. Building a strong and thriving workplace culture means doing more than providing information and a test. Liam Crest knows the importance of engagement with 15 years helping non-profits and companies achieve success.

Why do I need professional development courses?

Professional development builds productivity. Your employees are among your most important assets. They are also your most expensive.

Proper workplace culture and understanding of your company can make or break your organization. The risks far outweigh the costs of not committing to adequate training. The US government loses over $100 million every year to sexual harassment with lawsuits costing an average of $25000.

Which eLearning company should I use?

Many eLearning content development companies failed to change with the workforce over the past 20 years. Most developers still provide simple videos and tests without considering the makeup of the organization.

The company you choose needs to:

  • Engage the user
  • Account for the diversity of your workplace
  • Offer both knowledge and processes for success

Today’s society mirrors that of the workplace. A professional company does not take this fact lightly.

Engaging content

The average person retains 20 to 60 percent more information when incorporating audio, visual, and textual content. Gaming provides every medium at once. We use these mediums to maximum effect.

A major prospect of eLearning is the ability to thoroughly teach content with practical examples. Your employees gain hands-on experience through games, videos, and assessments. We seek to teach.

Inclusive eLearning

Inclusivity means accounting for gender, race, culture, and disabilities. Having an accessible website is simply not enough. A blind person cannot read, and a deaf person cannot hear. Your H1B1 employee does not have the same experiences as someone from the American suburbs.

Your content needs to account for every potential employee. Liam Crest founders grew up in a world of -isms and seek to break down barriers to learning to build up a unified and productive workplace.

Knowledge and processes for success

Corporate eLearning is not the same as a university. While traditional schools impart knowledge and increasingly seek to bring real experience to their environment, eLearning companies for non-profits and companies must create procedures and processes that back the information.

Our teachers, coming from many diverse backgrounds, build understanding. We create more than an atmosphere of memorization.

Professional eLearning Development Company

A professional eLearning Development company provides your staff with the procedures, experience, and knowledge to help your company succeed. Inclusivity and an understanding of the modern workforce are key to establishing the practices which will help you thrive.

Liam Crest employees are diverse. We continue to build and support each other in our quest to help corporations and non-profits succeed. Learning is more than a few videos and assessment but the combination of experiences and mediums seeking to impart real-world skills

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Professional Elearning Development Company

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Professional Elearning Development Company