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Nurturing Beginnings: Infant Program

Introduction to Early Learning and Care at Cozytime Child Care

At Cozytime Child Care, we understand the significance of a nurturing and educational environment for your little ones. Our licensed Montessori center, nestled in the vibrant community of Vaughan, offers an inclusive and stimulating atmosphere designed to cater to the developmental needs of children from infancy through to their preparatory school years. With a rich history of providing exemplary care and education, we’re dedicated to fostering a love for learning that lasts a lifetime.

Nurturing Beginnings: Infant Program

The journey of learning begins early, and at Cozytime Child Care, we ensure it starts on the right foot. Our Infant Program, designed for children aged 6 to 18 months, offers a cozy, secure environment where your baby can grow, explore, and develop at their own pace. Our approach is rooted in understanding the unique rhythms of each child, promoting a sense of comfort and belonging from the very start.

Discovering Through Play: Pre Casa Program

As your child grows, so does their curiosity and need for social interaction. Our Pre Casa Program serves children from 18 to 30 months, emphasizing crucial life skills, socialization, and participation in engaging Montessori activities. It’s a period of remarkable growth, where foundational skills for lifelong learning are established through playful exploration and guided discovery.

Embracing Individuality: Casa Montessori Program

The Casa Montessori Program at Cozytime Child Care is where your child’s educational journey blossoms. Catering to children aged 30 months to 6 years, this program is a celebration of each child’s uniqueness. With multi-aged groups, our approach fosters close relationships, respect for individual learning styles, and a nurturing environment that encourages children to explore their interests and talents.

The Role of Creative Arts in Early Education

Engaging Through the Arts

Creative expression is integral to the holistic development of a child. At Cozytime Child Care, we incorporate a variety of arts-based activities to spark imagination, creativity, and joy in learning. From music integration to dramatic play, our curriculum is designed to offer diverse sensory experiences, encouraging children to express themselves, explore different mediums, and develop fine motor skills.

The Benefits of Creative Play

Engagement in the arts has shown to have profound impacts on cognitive, social, and emotional development. Through structured and unstructured creative play, children at Cozytime Child Care learn to communicate their ideas, solve problems creatively, and gain confidence in their abilities. It’s not just about the end product but the process of exploration, making choices, and experiencing the joy of creation.

Hearing from Our Families

The endorsements from our Cozytime families speak volumes. Parents appreciate not only the level of care and education their children receive but also the cleanliness, safety, and welcoming atmosphere of our center. It’s through this strong partnership between parents and educators that we can provide a supportive and enriching environment for every child.

Why Choose Cozytime Child Care for Daycare in Vaughan

When it comes to selecting a daycare in Vaughan, Cozytime Child Care stands out for its commitment to quality education and child-centered care. Our Montessori approach, combined with a focus on creative arts and individual development, ensures that we offer more than just childcare. We provide a foundation for a lifetime of learning and growth.

Our dedicated team of educators is passionate about nurturing young minds, and we strive to create an environment where every child feels valued, understood, and excited to learn. We understand that choosing a daycare is a significant decision for any family, and we invite you to explore what makes Cozytime Child Care the ideal choice for your child’s early learning journey.

Learn More About Our Programs

For families interested in learning more about our programs or visiting our facility in Vaughan, we’re here to answer all your questions. Contact Cozytime Child Care today to discover how we can provide your child with a positive, enriching, and fulfilling early education experience. Your child’s journey to a love for learning starts here.

  • Infant Program – Tailored care for children aged 6 to 18 months.
  • Pre Casa Program – Fostering socialization and basic life skills for children aged 18 to 30 months.
  • Casa Montessori Program – A comprehensive learning experience for children aged 30 months to 6 years.

Don’t miss this opportunity to give your child a head start in life with Cozytime Child Care, where we make every moment of learning count. Contact us today!

The Role of Creative Arts in Early Education

How much does daycare cost per day in Ontario?

In Ontario, the cost of daycare can vary widely based on several factors including location, type of facility, and the age of the child. At Cozytime Child Care, we strive to provide a high-quality early learning experience that is also affordable for families. While we do not have a one-size-fits-all answer due to the personalized approach we take for each child, we encourage families to reach out directly to discuss our pricing structure. What I can share, though, is that our rates are competitive and reflect the extensive range of services and quality of care we provide. It’s not just about ensuring your child has a place to go each day but about investing in their future through comprehensive early childhood education.

How much does daycare cost in Woodbridge VA?

While Cozytime Child Care is located in Vaughan, Ontario, the cost of daycare in Woodbridge, VA, or any other area outside of our immediate vicinity, can differ significantly. This is due to various factors such as the local cost of living, state or provincial funding programs for childcare, and the specific services offered by each center. It’s essential for families in different locales to research and connect with local providers to get an accurate picture of daycare costs. That being said, I encourage families to prioritize the quality of the programs and the center’s alignment with your child’s needs over cost alone when making such an important decision for your child’s early years.

What age is kindergarten in NZ?

In New Zealand, kindergarten typically serves children from ages 3 to 5, just before they begin primary school at age 5 or 6. It’s important for parents to understand how these early years are critical for setting the foundation for lifelong learning. At Cozytime Child Care, while we’re based in Canada, we share the philosophy that early childhood education is pivotal. We cater to children starting from infancy through to their preparatory school years, much like the approach taken by educational systems in NZ, by providing enriching programs that foster a love for learning from an early age.

What is the difference between daycare and kindy in NZ?

In New Zealand, ‘kindy’ or kindergarten is often seen as a step up from daycare, focusing more specifically on educational programs for children aged 3 to 5, preparing them for school. Daycare, on the other hand, might cater to a broader age range and focus on providing care and developmental activities. At Cozytime Child Care, our approach combines the best of both worlds. We provide care and educational programs tailored to each stage of a child’s early development, from infancy through to the preschool years, ensuring a smooth transition into formal schooling. Our Montessori-based programs are designed to nurture each child’s individuality and love for learning, much like how kindy programs in NZ are structured.

How does the Montessori approach at Cozytime Child Care benefit my child?

The Montessori method emphasizes independent learning, respect for a child’s natural psychological development, and the importance of a carefully prepared environment. At Cozytime Child Care, our Montessori approach means your child is seen and treated as an individual. We provide them with the tools and support to explore their interests at their own pace within a structured framework. This method fosters independence, a love for learning, and social skills that are invaluable throughout life. Parents often tell us they’re amazed at how their children develop problem-solving skills, creativity, and the ability to work both independently and in groups through our programs. It’s these outcomes that really highlight the unique benefits of our Montessori approach.

Why do you place such importance on the creative arts in early education?

At Cozytime Child Care, we believe that engagement in the creative arts is not just an activity; it’s a fundamental part of a child’s development. The arts encourage cognitive development, emotional growth, and fine motor skills. They offer unique ways for children to express themselves, communicate, and understand the world around them. Through activities like painting, music, and dramatic play, children learn to think creatively, solve problems, and build confidence. It’s not uncommon for our educators to share stories of children who discovered new ways of expressing themselves or overcame challenges through their engagement in the arts. This is why we integrate arts-based learning throughout our programs–it’s essential for nurturing well-rounded, confident learners.

How do parent testimonials influence your approach at Cozytime Child Care?

Parent testimonials serve as a vital feedback mechanism for us at Cozytime Child Care. They reassure us that our dedication to providing a nurturing, educational environment is truly making a difference in families’ lives. This feedback not only motivates our team but also helps us continually refine and enhance our programs. Hearing stories of children who have flourished in our care or advanced in areas parents hadn’t anticipated gives us valuable insights into what works well. It also encourages us to remain innovative and responsive to the needs of our families, ensuring we keep offering the high-quality care and education Cozytime Child Care is known for. We see our relationship with parents as a partnership, where their input is crucial in shaping the best possible early learning environment for their children.


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