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Montessori method at home

The main rules of Montessori method at home

The core of Montessori method is development of child’s personality. There is a number of groups and kindergartens where the theories of Maria Montessori are successfully used. This method has been existing for a hundred years and has a meaningful effect nowadays.

The main principles of Montessori system are:

  • a child should be interested in;
  • a child has free choice (selection of didactic materials, lessons duration and tempo of personal development);
  • an adult should only create ideal surroundings for studying.

Seeing that kids are going out the most of the time at home, parents easy use this method. To make special atmosphere in your house or apartment is really possible. How to make it? Let’s see!

Begin with room interior – it must be for children, not for adults. A child should feel comfortable. Enriching surroundings is a very important element of Montessori system because children learn the world around them all the time. To develop self-dependence, creativity, manual dexterity and social skills are meant to be the main goals.

To provide all-round development for your child not only at kindergarten but at home, divide your child’s room. Each zone should respond for specific side of education.

Zone 1. Social skills, self-dependence

Choose the right size furniture for child’s room. It should be easy to move. It necessary for child to have special table and chairs. A child should understand that it is his/her own place to create. All shelves should be fixed within striking distance. It is imperative that child can take all the things needed. Make sure that your kid can easy get some hygiene and home use items without adults help.

Zone 2. Development of manual dexterity, sensitive development

Use simple things that you have at home to develop manual dexterity and sensory perception. A child can carry out precision in movement pouring out rice or buckwheat from a jar into u cup. Further you can substitute grains with water or juice.

It is very interesting and useful for children to feel objects by touch. Take some objects which are familiar to a child – for example, pencil, cube or spoon. Add them together into a baggie propose child to guess objects by touch. A set of things depends on the age of a child.

In order to develop sense organs, choose special toys which are ringing, cheeping and whispering. Use boxes with different natural smells and spices to develop odor sense.

Zone 3. Creative development

Here we everything which is connected with creativity: paints, pencils, brushes, sketchbooks, plastilina, chalks, colorful paper. The main task is to support a child, to help with cultivating of his/her talent and potential. And don’t forget about child independence and freedom of choice.

Zone 4. Logical thinking

Place here different geometric figures, puzzles, logical illustrations. This zone is aimed to develop logical thinking and mathematical skills. All toys should learn a child to sum up and put into comparison the size and the form. Use for it accounts fig, posters with numbers, cubes and nesting blocks.

Zone 5. Physical development

Bringing up of a child is not only a mental and moral development. It is necessary to take care of physical education. A child should be active and mobile. You can use balls, skittles and place wall bar at home.

Therefore, you don’t have to pay a pot of money for special kindergarten. It is so easy to make your own Montessori teaching center at home. You can use simple ideas to bring up your child by this method. Everyday domestic cares are the best ground for development and growing up of children.  Make your child happy and self-dependence.


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