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At Cozy Time Montessori academy in Toronto, it is our commitment to ensure that every child feel as comfortable and confident as possible in their new environment.  Whether just starting at Cozy Time or transitioning from one program level to the next we recommend a transitioning period to get them adjusted to their new classroom, teachers and peers.  If possible, this transitioning period should extend over the course of a few days starting a few hours a day and gradually working into a full day schedule.

Parents and guardians will be informed in advance in writing as to when transitioning will take place and what to expect.

Hours of Operation

Cozy Time offers a 5 full day program per week for Infants and Preschoolers.  We also offer a 2, 3, or 5 full day program per week for Toddlers.

Cozy Time opens at 7:00 am and closes at 6:30 pm.  Children can be dropped off between 7am to 9am and can be picked up at any time from 4pm to 6pm.  In order for your child to benefit from our educational programming, we ask that all children be in their classrooms between the times of 9am to 4pm. Those who are running late or have an appointment are asked to inform the school before 9am.

Cozy Time is open all year round.  The Centre will remain open for Easter Monday, however, the Centre will close for:

  • Thanksgiving Day (Statutory Holiday)*
  • Christmas Day (Statutory Holiday)*
  • Boxing Day (Statutory Holiday)*
  • New Years Day (Statutory Holiday)*
  • Family Day
  • Good Friday (Statutory Holiday)*
  • Victoria Day (Statutory Holiday)*
  • Canada Day (Statutory Holiday)*
  • Civic Day
  • Labour Day (Statutory Holiday)*

*NOTE:  If your day(s) fall on a statutory holiday, there will be no refunds for that day.

The Centre will close earlier on Christmas Eve and New Years Eve (days/times to be determined).

Infant Program

In the Infant room, each child´s schedule and needs are respected, with individual attention paid to feeding, diapering, and napping. In order to familiarize ourselves better with your little one, parents will be asked to fill out an Orientation Sheet detailing information about their child’s daily schedule, eating and sleeping habits, to help both parents and infants transition into the daily routine offered by the daycare.


Junior Toddler Program

The Junior Toddler Room consists of children approximately from 18 months to approximately 2 years of age. In the Junior Toddler room we focus on the immerging independence of the child. As toddlers develop their language skills, we give them lots of opportunities to interact with peers and teachers on a more complex level.


Senior Toddler Program

The Senior Toddler Room consists of children approximately from 24 months of age to approximately 30 months of age. The children are taught many important life skills while socializing and making new friends. The senior toddlers are beginning to move away from parallel play and explore working toward cooperative play with other children. Learning how to get along



Cozy Time Montessori Academy’s philosophy incorporates our program mission statement through the implementation of the educational philosophy and academic approach of Dr. Maria Montessori. Each child is recognized as an individual, with varying abilities, needs and interests.


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