Cozy Time DayCare

Infant Program – 8 Months to 18 Months

Teacher/child ratio is 3:10

At Cozy Time Montessori centre in Toronto we incorporate a wide variety of teaching methods and materials in the Infant Room. The class ratio is 1:3 and the head teacher holds a recognized Early Childhood Education Diploma. The infant program is based solely on the child’s needs and is developed in conjunction with the parents. The infant program is the child’s first experience out of the home. Therefore, is meant to be an extension of their household environment. Through arts and crafts, sensory, songs and story time, gross and fine motor activities, our infant program will further their development in a warm, stimulating environment.

The daily program plans are varied and flexible. It includes the following:

  • Activities appropriate for the developmental needs of the children
  • Group and individual activities
  • Activities designed to promote gross and fine motor skills, language as well as cognitive, social and emotional development
  • Active and quiet play
  • Consideration for the varied ages, within the group, and the needs of the individual child
  • Opportunities for creative exploration

The goals of the Infant program are as follows:

  • Assist in the normal development
  • Forming routines
  • Foster the development of basic trust
  • Communication

Our Infant Staff:

All our Infant teachers have specific experience working with this age group in childcare settings. It is extremely important for Cozy Time to hire staff that are excited to work with this age group and are knowledgeable of the unique developmental milestones of the children they are working with.

Communication Between Parents and Teachers:

Aside from talking face to face, Cozy Time uses Instagram to provide a quick and easy way for the school to record and share children’s activities. Teachers will also capture special moments and send daily pictures to parents.


At Cozy Time, we offer breakfast, lunch and an afternoon snack. We ask parents to bring in any purred food if their baby is not yet on table foods. Food from the kitchen will be offered once your child is ready to eat solid food. Teachers will prepare the food according to each child’s developmental level of readiness for picking up, chewing, and swallowing. Parents are to ensure that they bring enough sippy cups/bottles to cover their child’s day. Bottles and sippy cups will be kept at the centre and will be washed and sanitized daily. Homo milk and 2% milk will be provided by the childcare. Parents are required to provide breastmilk and formula if needed.


Naps are based on individual infant needs.  Whether that’s two naps or one nap, your child will get their required sleep based on their developmental needs.  Each child will be assigned to their own crib.  Crib sheets are provided and is laundered once per week.

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