Junior Toddler Program

Junior Toddler Program – 18 to 24 Months

Teacher/child ratio is 1:5

The Junior Toddler Room consists of children approximately from 18 months to approximately 2 years of age.  Each toddler program has a 1:5 ratio, one teacher for every five children.


Cozytime offer a warm and secure environment in which children can move throughout and explore at their leisure. All of the equipment in the toddler program is at a low standing level allowing the children to work independently.


In the Junior Toddler room we focus on the immerging independence of the child.  The four areas of focus for development for the toddlers are Language and Speech Development, Social and Emotional Development, Gross and Fine Motor Development, and Self Help and Independent skills.  Each of these areas will be focused on as teachers develop their lesson plans and programming on a daily basis. As toddlers develop these skills, we give them lots of opportunities to interact with peers and teachers on a more complex level with positive reinforcement and praise.


In the Junior Toddler Room we provide:

  • Table top activities that promote a wide variety of skills (puzzles, play dough, messy play, painting, drawing with crayons and chalk)
  • Free play to further develop social interactions and build on growing friendships (dress up, home corner, quiet area, dolls, and puppets etc.)
  • Music and Movement promotes social interactions but also helps with physical development programs of both fine and gross motor skills
  • Constructive and Manipulative play (gluing, beading, threading, straws)
  • Floor activities (building blocks, animals, cars, trains, floor puzzles)
  • Open-ended loose materials to promote creative thinking
  • Outdoor play helps the children release any built- up energy in a positive way (all outdoor games and activities will be age appropriate and most importantly fun for all the children involved).

Toys and materials will be rotated on a by-weekly basis so that children have an opportunity to explore a large variety of activities and always have interesting toys that capture their attention.