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Montessori Based Child Daycare and Early Learning in Thornhill

We all want the best for our children, especially when it comes to early learning opportunities and better cognitive development of our little ones. This is why at Cozy Time in Thornhill, we provide a second to none child daycare experience, one which is designed to foster better educational and cognitive development from as early an age as possible.

Why Cozy Time Daycare is Different

With any child daycare facility in Thornhill, parents number one concern usually lies with the safety and security of their child in their absence. However, after safety and security, child care facilities themselves are usually just about providing prolonged play and nap time opportunities for infant and toddler children. Thankfully at Cozy Time in Thornhill, things couldn’t be more different.

Montessori Method Based Early Learning & Cognitive Development

At Cozy Time in Thornhill, we employ specialized Montessori based early learning techniques to help children learn through each of the play activities they take part in while at our daycare center. Focusing on each child as an individual, our educators and care staff help children learn to love learning, while also developing better social, language, and educational skills.
Key Benefits:

The Montessori-based techniques we use help improve children’s language skills
Each of our Thornhill center staff will treat your child as an individual
We teach children to love learning rather than feel intimidated by education
The Montessori method is perfect for preparing children for formal education
Children have fun, make friends, and refine complex social skills

Are you looking for a child daycare facility in Thornhill which can better prepare your child for his or her school years? If so, Cozy Time is likely just what you are looking for. We take  exceptional pride in providing safe and secure daycare facilities which will help children develop faster than their peers. Much more importantly, our care center is a fun place to be which your child will love attending on a regular basis.


Our Happy Customers

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Vivian Y.
Vivian Y.
Really recommend this daycare. Ms. Sima is really good at educating young children. Not just my son had a great experience with her at his 1-2 years old, my daughter has wonderful time in her class as well. They’re happy every day in Cozy Time. Sending my two kids to Ms. Sima's class was the best decide I made in their early childhood. She made them happy and learned a lot every day, and also made us worry free to send our kids to her class.I can feel she loves my kids. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I can clearly feel that my son has learned a lot since attending Casa class at Cozy Time, and his improve really surprises us. My son is naughty and has poor self-discipline at this age, Ms. Anjum and Ms. Rexy’s must be put a lot effort and energy to educate my son. Ms. Rexy is very gentle and my son likes her a lot; Ms. Anjum is really good at teaching math & language and she has been keeping us updated on my son's situation frequently at school, she is very responsible teacher. They worked perfectly together and gave my son a great education.
Anna Lehovizki
Anna Lehovizki
I had my daughter at Cozy Time for over 7 months, couldn't be happier. Isay the manager is very professional and responsive, Ms. Alivia and Ms. Felicia from infant group are amazing, so caring and loving. The place is clean looks well maintained and the smell of fresh meals every morning just unbelievable. Highly recommended
Huan Gao
Huan Gao
Stunning daycare! Highly recommended! My daughter stayed at Cozy Time for around 9 months and we had to leave as we moved to a new place. The management is really excellent especially during the pandemic. The teachers are super super fabulous. My daughter was well taken care of and there were a lot of activities! My daughter grew a lot and was very excited to go to school everyday! Clothes always clean, never buttock, totally different from the experience of my son in another daycare! In a word, best ever!
Katie Vu
Katie Vu
My son had an amazing time with Cozy for almost a year. I see him grow and learn a lot. We had to transfer him to a new school to be closer to work. Would recommend Cozy to anyone!
Karan Malhotra
Karan Malhotra
We were referred to Cozy Time through a friend and started sending our kid there during the Pandemic. They have a very strong management team and a group of really nice, caring, and skillful teachers who did an exceptional job of looking after our kid. Our kid went there for 1 full year and they helped him prepare really well for JK. He is now able to easily spell 3 / 4 letter words, do simple math addition problems, and has become really good at colouring. Our kid ended up making very good relationships with other kids and the staff there. We will highly recommend them to our group of friends.
Candace Chiarotto
Candace Chiarotto
ABSOLUTELY RECOMMEND COZY TIME! My son went here from infant through to Casa program and Flourished in every room he was in. The staff is fantastic, teachers are passionate and caring. They even had a cute nickname for him within days which made it feel like he was with family. He always comes home with new skills or knowledge (the other day he asked to go to Egypt to see the pyramids) I’m beyond impressed with this place. Their COVID protocols were fantastic and I was never concerned with sending him during this pandemic, I knew they were taking all the steps to keep everyone safe. Thank you everyone at Cozy Time!

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