Montessori Based Child Daycare and Early Learning in Thornhill

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We all want the best for our children, especially when it comes to early learning opportunities and better cognitive development of our little ones. This is why at Cozy Time in Thornhill, we provide a second to none child daycare experience, one which is designed to foster better educational and cognitive development from as early an age as possible.


Why Cozy Time Daycare is Different

With any child daycare facility in Thornhill, parents number one concern usually lies with the safety and security of their child in their absence. However, after safety and security, child care facilities themselves are usually just about providing prolonged play and nap time opportunities for infant and toddler children. Thankfully at Cozy Time in Thornhill, things couldn’t be more different.


Montessori Method Based Early Learning & Cognitive Development

At Cozy Time in Thornhill, we employ specialized Montessori based early learning techniques to help children learn through each of the play activities they take part in while at our daycare center. Focusing on each child as an individual, our educators and care staff help children learn to love learning, while also developing better social, language, and educational skills.
Key Benefits:

  • The Montessori-based techniques we use help improve children’s language skills
  • Each of our Thornhill center staff will treat your child as an individual
  • We teach children to love learning rather than feel intimidated by education
  • The Montessori method is perfect for preparing children for formal education
  • Children have fun, make friends, and refine complex social skills

Are you looking for a child daycare facility in Thornhill which can better prepare your child for his or her school years? If so, Cozy Time is likely just what you are looking for. We take exeptional pride in providing safe and secure daycare facilities which will help children develop faster than their peers. Much more importantly, our care center is a fun place to be which your child will love attending on a regular basis.


Cozy Time Montessori Academy’s philosophy incorporates our program mission statement through the implementation of the educational philosophy and academic approach of Dr. Maria Montessori. Each child is recognized as an individual, with varying abilities, needs and interests.


cozy testimonialMy kids has been greatly cared by the excellent work from Cozytime, you won’t be disappointed.
Jane Tornz — Toronto, Canada


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L4J 5A3 Vaughan, ON

tel: 416 602 3811