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About Service:

Every child is a world of possibilities, and at Cozytime, we’re dedicated to nurturing those possibilities. Our daycare services are meticulously designed to cater to the diverse needs of every child, from infants taking their first babble to preschoolers ready to explore the world around them.

Our programs are age-specific, ensuring that every child gets the attention and care they deserve. For our youngest members, we offer a serene environment filled with soft melodies, sensory play, and lots of cuddles. As they grow, our toddlers dive into a world of interactive play, storytelling, and foundational learning. And for our preschoolers, we have a curriculum that balances academic readiness with creative exploration.

But it’s not just about learning; it’s about experiencing. Our specialized activities range from art and craft sessions that spark creativity to outdoor adventures that instill a love for nature. Music, dance, and science experiments are regular features, ensuring that every day at Cozytime is filled with fun, laughter, and new discoveries.

Choosing Cozytime means choosing a holistic approach to daycare, where your child’s emotional, physical, and intellectual growth is our utmost priority. We’re not just a daycare; we’re a family, and we’re excited to welcome your child into our vibrant community.

Why Choose Us:

Your child’s safety is our top priority. At Cozytime, we’ve implemented stringent safety measures, ensuring a secure environment for your little ones. Our team, a blend of experienced educators and warm caregivers, is dedicated to nurturing your child’s growth. Proud recipients of the “Best Daycare in Woodbridge” award, we’re committed to excellence. At Cozytime, we don’t just offer daycare; we offer a home away from home.

About Us:

Founded in 2010, Cozytime has grown from a small daycare center to a community cornerstone. Our mission? To provide quality childcare in a warm, nurturing environment. We believe in fostering a love for learning, community involvement, and building lasting relationships. Our partnerships with local organizations ensure that Cozytime remains a beacon of hope and growth in Woodbridge.

Upcoming Events & Programs: At Cozytime, we believe in continuous learning and fun. This summer, we’re thrilled to introduce our “Sunshine Summer Camp.” It’s a blend of outdoor adventures, arts and crafts, and interactive learning sessions. From treasure hunts to mini science fairs, there’s something for every curious mind. Plus, we’re hosting a special “Parents’ Day” where you can join in the fun and see firsthand the magic we create every day.

Parent Testimonials: Our community speaks for itself. Here’s what some of our Cozytime families have to say:

  • “Cozytime has been a blessing for our family. The growth I’ve seen in my son, both academically and socially, is incredible.” – Laura, mother of Jake, age 4.
  • “The staff at Cozytime goes above and beyond. My daughter always comes home with a new story or craft, and her excitement is contagious!” – Raj, father of Aria, age 3.

Community Involvement: We’re more than just a daycare; we’re a part of the Woodbridge community. Cozytime regularly collaborates with local organizations for community service projects, charity drives, and educational workshops. We believe in teaching our children the value of giving back and being active community members.

Special Features: We’re always striving to offer the best for our children. That’s why Cozytime is equipped with a state-of-the-art play area, a mini library filled with enchanting tales, and a creative corner where imagination runs wild. Plus, our nutritious meal plans ensure that every child gets the fuel they need for their busy day.

By blending the authenticity of Joanna Goddard, the humor of Jill Smokler, and the candidness of Sarah Turner, we aim to provide a comprehensive view of what makes Cozytime a unique and cherished space for every child and parent.