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Cozy Time’s curriculum is based upon the teachings of Dr. Maria Montessori. The Montessori curriculum is fundamentally suitable for children from birth to six years of age.  Children who learn from the Montessori curriculum generally surpass the guidelines set by the Ministry of Education.


The Montessori method is an approach to education that takes to heart the needs, talents, gifts, and special individuality of each child. It is a process that helps children learn in their own way at their own pace. The main concept of Montessori is to promote the joy of learning. This joy of learning develops a well-adjusted person who has a purpose and direction in his or her life. Children, who experience the joy of learning, are happy, confident, fulfilled children.


The Montessori curriculum is also a hands-on approach to learning. It encourages children to develop their observation skills by doing many types of activities. Children work independently or in small groups in a mixed-age classroom where they learn from or share with one another. Unlike traditional schooling, children in a Montessori class begin writing, reading, and doing math at an early age. The Montessori curriculum for children under the age of 6 is divided into many areas, including practical life skills, sensorial exercises, mathematics, geometry, language and cultural studies.


Cozy Time Montessori Academy’s philosophy incorporates our program mission statement through the implementation of the educational philosophy and academic approach of Dr. Maria Montessori. Each child is recognized as an individual, with varying abilities, needs and interests.


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