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Our Curriculum

Our Curriculum

Cozy Time’s curriculum is based upon the teachings of Dr. Maria Montessori. The Montessori curriculum is fundamentally suitable for children from birth to six years of age.  Children who learn from the Montessori curriculum generally surpass the guidelines set by the Ministry of Education.

The Montessori method is an approach to education that takes to heart the needs, talents and individuality of each child. It is a process that helps children learn at their own pace, when they are ready. The main concept of Montessori is to promote the joy of learning. This joy of learning develops a well-adjusted person who has a purpose and direction in their own life.

The Montessori curriculum is a hands-on approach to learning. It encourages children to develop their observational skills by participating in a wide range of activities. Children work independently or in small groups, in a mixed-age classroom, where they learn and share with one another. Unlike traditional schooling, children in a Montessori class begin writing, reading, and understanding mathematics at an early age. The Montessori curriculum, for children under the age of 6, is divided into 5 main areas. This includes, practical life, sensorial, mathematics, language and cultural studies.

Each child finds their own interests with guidance from their teachers and constantly works upon those skills. This allows for them to create their own independence and sense of self to get them ready for the public-school system.

At Cozy Time, children engage in a daily Montessori work cycle. The children are taught basic etiquette, manners, hygiene, and academic exploration which sets a foundation for success in their future.


Mathematics is one of the most important frameworks to enhance a child’s understanding of things. Using hands-on materials, children can easily identify abstract math concepts and use them in the real world. Children will use number stacking and matching to understand the value of numbers. Students will also be taught basic addition, subtraction, multiplication and division through different Montessori activities.


The Language area allows for children to form their own identities and sense of self. Using sounds, story telling, songs, and socializing children can enhance their speech to communicate their thoughts and emotions. Students are taught to read and write through an extensive Montessori method which allows children to understand the meaning of each letter and their allotted sound.


Culture is important for children since it builds their understanding of the world around them. Learning the world’s geography, science, music and art helps children spread their interests around the world and allows them to be imaginative and creative. Activities in the Culture area includes, learning the world map and learning different cultural backgrounds, languages, foods, and animals.

Practical Life

Practical life is the practice of independent thinking, motor skills and social/ emotional skills. Children use silverware and glass to enhance their thinking and connect it to their experiences at home. This creates a sense of pride for the child and enhances their confidence by learning to use the world around them.


The Sensorial area refines the child’s five senses by exploring through touch, smell, sight, hearing, and taste. The child is introduced to sorting objects, matching colors and shapes, and matching the smells and tastes of different objects. Some activities include, taste testing fruits with blindfolds, creating playdough, and using the pink tower activity to sort from big to small blocks.

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