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Day care centre in Vaughan

Child daycare centers in Vaughan are an excellent way for parents to foster better cognitive and social development in young children. This is because even through activities as simple as group play with other infant and toddlers, children can dramatically improve their language, spatial awareness, and social skills.

Of course, not all child care centers in Vaughan are created equal. Many daycare providers simply provide supervised play and rest space. This is why at Cozy Time in Vaughan, we are the number one choice for parents who are genuinely passionate about giving their child the best educational start in life possible.


Why Cozy Time Daycare is Different


At Cozy Time child daycare in Vaughan, we don’t just provide infant and toddler children with play and rest opportunities. Instead, we provide children with intellectually and socially stimulating play activities. At the same time, the inclusion of music and discussion time in our Vaughan daycare center helps develop children’s cognitive and social skills faster than these would develop in non-group play or early learning environments.


Helping your Child Explore their own Creative Impulses


Because at Cozy Time, we focus on every child individually, our care and educational support staff are able to help your child explore their own creativity and imaginative impulses. This in itself is key to uncovering innate talents and natural academic interests which children can be encouraged to build upon from as early an age as possible.
The Benefits of our Montessori based child daycare center are simple:

  • Children develop better social & interpersonal skills
  • Children are better prepared for entering formal education
  • Children are encouraged to appreciate learning as fun
  • Children are supervised at all times to ensure their safety and in center happiness

Are you looking for a child daycare center in Vaughan which will help spur your child’s educational and social development? If so, make sure to reach out to Cozy Time today for more information.


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