Montessori Based

Montessori Based Child Daycare in Newmarket

The hardest part about having young children, regards being there for them 24/7, while also trying to stimulate their educational and cognitive development. This is why at Cozy Time in Newmarket, we don’t just provide play and nap time centered daycare for infant and toddler children. Instead, we employ Montessori based cognitive development techniques to help children develop better from an educational standpoint, while simultaneously having fun while learning.


How Montessori Child Care Works

Traditional daycare centers in Newmarket, will usually be based on the provision of nursery like playtime activities which encourage children to play and interact with others. The difference at Cozy Time in this case, is that our specially trained supervisors and educational professionals use different play activities to teach children at the same time.

The basic principle of the Montessori technique is simple. Children should learn to love learning itself. This is why our one on one guidance and support ensures that children never feel intimidated and are encouraged at all times, to explore their own creative and imaginative impulses. For a comparison of how other day care centers work in Canada, you can read here.


Key Benefits

The benefits of Montessori based child daycare in Newmarket are simple:

  • Children learn how to develop better social skills
  • Our child care facilities themselves are safe, secure, and individually supportive
  • We help better prepare children for entry into formal education environments
  • Children learn to love learning and exploring their own creativity

Of course, Cozy Time in Newmarket isn’t just about facilitating better and faster cognitive development in children. Instead, we strive to provide children with a safe, secure, and ultimately fun daycare experience. Even better, we provide freshly prepared, nutritious meals, and can even help with toilet training and care of even smaller children.

Are you looking for the best daycare in Newmarket for your little one with affordable price per day? If so, make sure to find out more today by either visiting our care facility or emailing or calling us directly for more information. You can check if you can get a tax deduction for child care by reading this article.


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