Maple Montessori

Maple Montessori Based Childcare & Early Learning

It has long been known that high-quality child and daycare centers like ours at Cozy Time, can be hugely beneficial for children’s long-term educational development. However, at Cozy Time in Maple, we don’t just introduce infants and young children to key educational concepts at an earlier age. Instead, our Montessori based child and daycare methods help children learn to genuinely love learning from as early an age as possible.


Childcare in Maple Which is all About Your Child

Child and daycare centers in Maple are often appreciated as just supervised play centers. Thankfully, we’re different. This is because our Montessori-based early learning and childcare methods are all about helping children to learn through play. This is why we use music, imaginative play, group play, and dedicated conversation time, in order to help provide children with a much more individually rewarding early learning experience.


One on One Development

At our Cozy Time Montessori Academy in Maple, we use both structured and unstructured play to promote the emergence of each child’s individual character and creativity. We understand that each child learns differently and so our childcare professionals always strive to identify and nurture individual learning preferences accordingly.


Our Maple Childcare Programs

Widely regarded as the best way to promote better early learning, communication skills, and overall cognitive development, the Montessori methods we use at Cozy Time are suitable for infants, junior toddlers, and senior toddlers. Even better, the activities which children engage in at our daycare center are all designed to help foster better social as well as individual communication skills.


Diet & Nutrition at our Maple Cozy Time Daycare Center

Because diet and nutrition is fundamental in early childhood, we provide all children in our Maple childcare center with a nutritious breakfast, hot lunch, and afternoon snack. All of our meals are prepared on-site using only the freshest ingredients and we never use GMO-sourced food products or artificial additives.


Licensed by the Ontario Ministry of Education

While our Maple Montessori Academy is licensed by the Ontario Ministry of Education, we always strive to exceed any set education standard. This being the case, if you are looking to provide your child an exceptional early learning experience, let us help and make sure to enquire further today.


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