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Senior Toddler Program – 24 to 30 Months

Teacher/child ratio is 1:5

The Senior Toddler Room consists of children approximately from 24 months of age to approximately 2.5 years of age.

Our Senior Toddler program utilizes a low teacher-to-student ratio of 1:5, that allows the necessary time for positive interaction between teacher and child, creating healthy interpersonal bonds and building the child’s self-esteem. All children are encouraged to increase their gross and fine motor skills through exploration of various manipulative materials and developmentally appropriate toys. Our goals for Senior Toddlers are to expand their vocabulary, teach the alphabet, learn to count, toilet train, and broaden their self-regulation skills while using discovery learning to support their growing independence.

In the Senior Toddler Program, children are introduced to the Montessori method focusing on practical life and sensorial activities.  These activities will enhance the children’s self-worth, encourage self-help skills, are cognitively stimulating, and promote independent thinking.  Our goals for the senior toddlers is to learn the basic concepts such as numbers, letters, colours and shapes.

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