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Cozy Time is committed to providing a high quality, safe and secure environment for all children enrolled in our programs. The safety and well-being of children who are being supervised on our premises is one of Cozy Time’s highest priorities.


The Child Care Modernization Act (CCMA) provides that every owner/operator shall ensure every child who is in attendance in a day nursery is supervised by an adult at all times.

Cozy Time has developed the following policy and programs in order to comply with the direction of the Ministry of Education and Regulation 262.

This policy sets the framework and the program which applies to all agency volunteers and placement students who have been approved or accepted by Cozy Time.


Cozy Time may have volunteers and/or Early Childhood Education students working within the organization along with staff throughout the year. At all times, volunteers and placement students must be under the direction and supervision of Cozy Time staff.

  • No child or children will be supervised by any person less than 18 years of age.
  • Vulnerable sector checks are required for all volunteers and placement students.
  • No child will be supervised by someone who is not an employee of Cozy Time.
  • Only employees of Cozy Time will have direct unsupervised access to children.


All staff are required to review the organization’s policies, procedures and practices regarding the supervision of volunteers and students at Cozy Time.

All staff will review their roles and responsibilities when directly supervising and working with volunteers and/or placement students in their classrooms annually.

The Head Teacher of the classroom of which the volunteer/placement student has been placed, is responsible for ensuring that volunteers and students are provided an orientation to the organization, appropriately trained, mentored and supervised.

Volunteers and students have a responsibility to contribute to their orientation by seeking information, asking questions and assistance as required.

All volunteers and placement students must agree to follow all policies and procedures of Cozy Time.

All volunteers and placement students must agree to follow the directions and guidelines provided by staff and management of Cozy Time.

In the case of a disagreement over the direction provided by a staff member the volunteer or placement student may address this
issue in writing with the Supervisor of the Centre.

Mandatory Orientation & Training

Prior to starting in the classroom at Cozy Time all volunteers and placement students will have an orientation which will include a comprehensive discussion regarding Cozy Time child care philosophy and the CCEYA requirements.

All volunteers and placement students will be provided with a detailed orientation regarding their roles and responsibilities within the organization prior to working with children for the first time and at least annually thereafter. This will include a thorough review of Cozy Times policies and procedures. All volunteers and placement students will have ongoing training through impromptu daily meetings and scheduled monthly staff meetings.

All volunteers and placement students are required to read all applicable memos and organizational updates

Record Retention

All records documenting that the volunteer and/or placement student has reviewed and signed off on all applicable policies and procedures will be kept on file at the centre for three years.

Confidentiality – All volunteers and placement students must sign a Confidentiality Agreement.

All volunteers and placement students are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of all proprietary or privileged information to which they are exposed while at Cozy Time, involving staff, clients, or other volunteers and students


All volunteers and placement students who fail to adhere to the Policies and Procedures of Cozy Time may face disciplinary action, up to and including dismissal.

Cozy Time believes in fairness and openness and where volunteers and placement students can expect a commitment to resolving conflict and receiving supportive and constructive criticism. If disciplinary action is required, the organization follows the same steps as its staff policies:

  • Performance review
  • Verbal warning
  • Written warning
  • Suspension
  • Dismissal

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